Yael Bat Yisrael


On Strengthening Our Families: Saving Our Sons and Daughters

SweetLady5Yael Bat Yisrael is the founder of Oasis Thinking, a wellness blog committed to the empowerment of it readers from a holistic perspective and the chief doula and founder of Flatbush Doulas. As a wellness advocate and practitioner, her approach is hands-on. She believes education is key but that it must be paired with application. Her methodologies in teaching has made this former NYC public school educator a sought after program developer, supervisor for youth programs in NYC, and sought after pregnancy and postpartum doula.

A mother of two young children—a son and daughter, Yisrael takes her knowledge of youth programing and adds her creativity to implement her own Yisrael Academy home curriculum. The workshops that she’s facilitated as a licensed vendor for the New York Department of Education are a part of daily activities for this home school educator of three years. She is experienced at affordable meal planning/creation and natural product manufacturing; among her original specialties are natural glycerin based vegetable soaps with natural essences.

This creative soul has also published a book of poetry, recorded and performed her original works, created fashions with her “Divine Shine” brand, and is now at work to create an original educational series for young children. A keen ability to listen and creatively problem solve are tools this mother employs to close the gaps as she discovers them in teaching her own children. A firm believer that educators cannot stay stuck on the “problems,” she welcomes challenges and is committed to creating forward thinking in child development.

You can find Yael on educational field trips with Yisrael Academy, being a parent volunteer at strategic partner schools, writing on wellness through her Oasis Thinking Blog, or consulting on healthy food choices for friends and businesses. She is a proud supporter of the NY LOVE MOVEMENT campaign, an initiative committed to realizing collective empowerment in our communities through charitable initiatives and cross supporting of a multitude of businesses/causes led by the supporters.

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