Real Conversations with Melody Fox is a team production. Strategic partnerships with Real Conversations Companions, various venues (including our standing home venue: Hotel RL, Brooklyn), RCMF Affiliates, and Sponsors are what ensure the success and continuity of the Real Conversations with Melody Fox brand.

RCMF Affiliates are the core. These are powerful individuals within their own right that believe in the chief mission of Real Conversations with Melody Fox, which is to foster in-depth dialogue that inspires transformation. These talented movers and shakers can be found doing promotion for live events, booking Real Conversations Companions, handling administrative assignments, interfacing with guests on-site for Real Conversations with Melody Fox (live), securing sponsors, and executing the TV show as crew members (associate producers, camera operators, editors, photographers, technical assistants, and floor directors).

RCMF Affiliates practice “Sexy Activism.” Sexy Activism (v): Caring for “The People,” but not at the expense of physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Sadly, many of our community activists that paved the way to effect positive change in our communities, haven’t taken great care of themselves. Many of our elders pass away in bad health and without fully enjoying the journey; the “now” legacy will be about being fire starters and not martyrs.

Our commitment is to live life powerfully—to be a reflection of our projection. We speak community and live community. The practice of “Sexy Activism” thrives on the commitment to duplicate and create successes. As one brand grows, so does another. We all enjoy the fruits of our collective successes because the foundation is to provide substantive contributions to our world. We Are Greater Together!