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Bruce Lee in a rare interview with Pierre Berton (Pierre Berton Show); Hong Kong, 1971 Lee and Berton

“Actually, I do not teach Karate because I do not believe in styles anymore. I mean I do not believe that there is such thing as like Chinese way of fighting; or the Japanese way of fighting; or whatever way of fighting because unless human being have three arms and four legs, we will have a different form of fighting. But basically we have only two hands and two feet. So styles tend to not only separate man because they have their own doctrines and then the doctrine became the gospel truth that you cannot change. But if you don’t have style, you can just say ‘well, here I am as a human being; how can I express myself–totally and completely.’ Now, that way you won’t create a style because style is a crystallization. That way [freedom from style] it’s a process of continuing growth.” –Bruce Lee