Michael S-K McKinney


On Strengthening Our Families: Saving Our Sons and Daughters

MichaelMichael Siekiem-Kontom McKinney is the founder of MSKM PRESENTS, a charitable organization that has been serving the community since 2006. However, his community service predates founding his charitable organization; a member of New York City Department of Correction, McKinney has interfaced with the miseducated, misguided, and criminal elements of our community with a commitment to peace rather than abuse and force. A passion for networking, he is the Community Liason for Real Conversations with Melody Fox and you can find him promoting an array of other events, products, and services through his social media platforms. A deep commitment to community is what drives this devoted father of two children; one son and one daughter.

Through Michael Siekiem-Kontom’s leadership, MSKM PRESENTS has presented the following initiatives and platforms:

  • Finding Your Future Scholarship Fund: (June & December) Bi-annually a young person ages 13-17 is awarded a scholarship for demonstrating both community service and academic achievement.
  • Young Men of Honor Mentorship Program: Mentoring young men ages 13-18 within urban communities and the Dept. of Education.
  • MSKM PRESENTS Father’s Day Brunch: (June) Celebrating fatherhood. Focusing on single father households, fathers recently reconnected with their children due to incarceration.
  • Giving Back to Help Others Get Ahead: (August) Once a year 100+ young people ages 5-13 receive backpacks filled with school supplies.
  • Learn About Lupus Health Symposium: (September and/or in conjunction with MSKM PRESENTS partner events in other months) An annual event educating the community at large about the different faces of this autoimmune disease.
  • Circle of Networks: (October) Networking/Mixer for professionals on an annual basis to discuss initiatives that will serve to improve the socioeconomic status of Brooklyn residents.
  • Annual Herpes Screening Day!: (November) Each year on November 1st, Brooklyn residents are encouraged to screen for herpes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), notes that about 45 million people in the US are infected with genital herpes.
  • Bedford-Stuyvesant Thanksgiving Relief: (November) During the month of November, free turkeys are provided for meals and distribution at local community organizations.
  • Christmas/Kwanzaa Book & Toy Drive: (December) Books and toys are distributed to young people in effort to encourage literacy and to support families through the holiday season.
  • Creator/writer of www.mskmpresents.blogspot.com and host of The Eye Opener (Community Forum)
  • Creator of Black Excellence Weekend