Melody Fox

Melody Fox newMELODY FOX started her journey into entrepreneurship through independent publishing (in the late 90s)—with a commitment to present information that couldn’t be found in mainstream media outlets. Her coveted printed publications included: The Eye Opener (her first published newspaper which debuted at the Million Women’s March in Philly and featured New York advertisers), The Black Track (a community newspaper), Special Supplements (an events guide), and Lyrical Times (the world’s first themed poetry newspaper).

During her years as a New York-based independent print newspaper publisher, Melody Fox met and networked with various community leaders, business owners, and artists. Among those are James Mtume, Rev. Al Sharpton, Sister Souljah, Imhotep Gary Byrd, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Dahved Levy. Many of those connections translated into new opportunities in management and production.

Melody Fox production collaborations include associate production on the Sunday evening talk radio broadcast Express Yourself with Imhotep Gary Byrd (WBLS 107.5 FM)—whose host has been broadcasting for over four decades.

Additionally, she’s provided technical assisting for New York’s longstanding Sunday morning talk radio broadcasts: Open Line (WBLS 107.5 FM) and the nationally syndicated Hour of Power with Reverend Al Sharpton. During her work with Open Line, Melody Fox also doubled as a booking agent for then veteran co-host James Mtume’s speaking engagements. From August, 2014-January, 2015 Melody Fox was on Radio 103.9 NY as a voice on COBA RADIO’s “Real Talk, Real Time” (Sundays from 7am-8am est). Ease, grace, and reliability are hallmarks of the Melody Fox brand.

Fox’s passion for working with individuals, organizations and initiatives that seek to inform and educate is also evidenced in her role as a leader in education for New York City Public Schools. The mother of a special needs young adult, it was critical for her to be informed and at the helm of affecting change for the developmentally challenged and beyond. Her scope of experience as a PTA President along with other executive roles and responsibilities has afforded her the opportunity to work with other leaders in education, politicians, and a range of community businesses.

Her commitment to the impact leadership can make to affect growth for our communities has also parlayed into her being a leader with the global organization Landmark Worldwide. As one of its seminar managers in New York, Melody Fox’s responsibility has included leading teams and handling the logistics of seminars that include a collective body of participants to the tune of 2.2 million to date. Melody Fox is committed to fostering transformation.

In addition to working with various organizations and brands to make a difference locally and globally, this entrepreneur is the President and CEO of Melody Fox Media, a media platform that produces print, audio, and video for in house projects, the public at-large and its clients. Clear that legacy is as great as why, when, and how it’s captured, Melody Fox has taken her passion as a gatekeeper into consulting for full-length biographical and autobiographical works (writing and film).

As a writer and independent publisher, Melody Fox has conducted interviews (lengthy and brief) with a range of profiles in a span of two decades. Her first interview was in 1997 with the author/activist/only one-time female member of Public Enemy, Sister Souljah; she and Melody Fox had several REAL CONVERSATIONS, but that initial one stands as the now best-selling author’s most revealing to date. Souljah explained that at the time she “didn’t do interviews” due to concern about being edited and taken out of context, but she agreed to speak in-depth with Melody Fox on record—regarding issues she hadn’t before (namely her sentiments about her Hip-Hop affiliations’ response in the Clinton controversy aftermath—where she was pegged as racist).

Other Interviews: Queen Latifah (early Hip-Hop artist/actress/TV show host), Imhotep Gary Byrd (Songs In the Key of Life LP co-writer w/ Stevie Wonder/poet/veteran broadcaster), Marie Brooks (choreographer/life Instructor for Marie Brooks’ Pan-Caribbean Dance Theater), Rev. Benjamin Chavis (former NAACP Executive Director/religious leader/community organizer), Mutabaruka (Jamaican poet/author), Lyfe Jennings (singer/songwriter), Kadiatou Diallo (mother of slain NYPD police shooting victim Amadou Diallo; an exclusive in the wake of his February 4, 1999 murder), Street Doctor (Newark anti-gun violence activist) and James Mtume (legendary jazz and funk musician / R&B composer / producer / veteran broadcaster / intellectual / social advocate). Committed to making a difference by providing in-depth dialogue (in real time), Melody Fox is the founder of REAL CONVERSATIONS with MELODY FOX.

Melody Fox, as a lover of the people–has now strategically partnered with RL Hotel / The Living Stage to present Real Conversations with Melody Fox (monthly in Brooklyn) as well as an array of other events such as “Power Sundays” which gives artists a platform to express their talent and bring the community together in creative and engaging ways. She is the official host for Ocktober Film Festival (2016 and 2017) as well as a host and producer of Validate Yourself Film Festival (2017), the debut film festival founded and executive produced by filmmaker Antoine Allen.

A mother of five—four boys/young men and one young woman, Melody Fox hails from the South Side of Chicago and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. She is founder of the NY LOVE MOVEMENT campaign, an initiative that brings together individuals and organizations with a common interest of supporting its network and doing charitable/philanthropic work.