Lakeisha Dortelus


On Domestic Violence and Its Effect In Our Communities

Lakiesha cp smile right facingLakeisha Dortelus is an aspiring singer that wants to lift her voice and share her gift with all she can touch. This former “foster kid” had to make her way without having the comfort and support of her natural parents since birth. When her foster mother passed away from Breast Cancer in 2011, Lakeisha was tremendously affected and had to seemingly start over again with no solid family structure and as a new mother. She connected with her birth mother six months after her mother’s passing and that relationship is a work in progress. A troubled teen that was vulnerable and looking for love, the relationships she entertained proved unhealthy, particularly one domestically abusive one that persisted for several years since she was 17 years old. Recently removed from that prison of abuse, this now mother of three young children—two daughters and a son, is moving forward with the desire to make a change for her self and her young children.

Lakeisha is resilient, humorous, and outgoing. She is a young woman that refuses to let life’s challenges stop her. While she admits that she’s still “getting it together,” she is clear that the way is forward. Her dream is not only to become a singer, but also to work with disabled children, and to support women who have suffered domestic violence.