Kesha Stowe-Spence


On Domestic Violence and Its Effect In Our Communities

Kesha Spence best cpKesha Stowe-Spence is the Founder of the Elizabeth Mae Eaddy Organization, “Free Yourself From Domestic Violence,” a 501c3 nonprofit organization. This survivor of domestic abuse is a member of the “Domestic Violence Response Team.” She is also the author of: Healing My Soul, “A 3rd Generation Survivor of Domestic Abuse,” My Soul Is Well, “My Journey Continues” and The Basics, “What We Need To Know About Teen Dating Abuse.”

Kesha decided to rise above her circumstances by sharing her own personal experience of being a victim of domestic abuse to now a Survivor. Not letting her past determine the wellness and quality of her future, Kesha continues to share her message of self-love and compassion to the movement and consistently offers empowerment to all who hear her story. In addition to her continuous efforts of empowering others, she is a sought-after keynote speaker and three-time published author who successfully opened up her dark past in order to help others that are dwelling in unhealthy relationships, know that there is hope. Kesha has personified the true example of being honest with her audience and saying, I understand, and I once walked in those shoes.

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Kesha My Soul

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