Founder Testimonial

Growing up, I had conversations that impacted my life positively—influenced my ideas about humanity and making a difference. And in hindsight, I also realize that it was the absence of certain critical conversations that left me ill informed and trying to figure some things out on my own—through trial and error. While each of us has our own personal journey and it’s our opportunity to walk that path, being engaged in Real Conversations can be a catalyst to providing ease, education, and enlightenment along the way.

Additionally, I have a deep respect for legacy and know that it’s captured best by first-hand resources. A champion for the youth voice, I hold the banner for these cutting-edge movers and shakers of today that bring to bear new ideas and insights; I believe that an exchange with them—fostered by generous listening—is critical for progress. My generation of baby boomers and Grown Hip-Hop also offers unique perspectives as having ties to a generation removed (Millennials) and its predecessors (60s and earlier generation). I’m also interested in engaging our elders because when they leave, whatever wasn’t espoused leaves with them; oftentimes they have instruction on what has worked as well as what hasn’t. When we authentically converse, many lessons/instructions can be gleaned for generations to come.  —Melody Fox