Please Note: The Inaugural Conversation for REAL CONVERSATIONS with MELODY FOX (live) was framed as MTUME LIVE—in honor of our Real Conversations Companion James Mtume, legendary composer/ producer / veteran broadcaster / intellectual / social advocate. The event was held on February 28, 2014 in Brooklyn at Freebrook Spaces Mansion in collaboration with the Gather Brooklyn Collective. Currently REAL CONVERSATIONS with MELODY FOX is facilitated at the Hotel RL / The Living Stage in Brooklyn and July27, 2017 marks the series debut in its new home with Real Conversations Companion filmmaker Antoine Allen.

“Awesome time at the “Real Conversations” show with Melody Fox. Thank you for welcoming all of us with opened arms. Fantastic experience! Listening to Antoine Allen tell his story was very humbling. Life works is amazing ways and validating yourself is the true raw way to become successful; I thank him for his words of wisdom–he is indeed a smart man. We got to watch #DrivingForceMovie and it was like watching it for the first time. Cheers to actor Lester Greene, Eugene Walker, Vincent Ford, and Tomike Lee Ogugua. I had a blast with you guys.” –John Torres, Actor

“Dear Melody Fox, the Mtume Live event at Freebrook Spaces had gifted minds sitting in awe of the multi-talented Great Jazz star. And we all loved the way the interviewee responded to your line of questions.

“A vivid discussion between James Mtume and you had the audience suddenly swimming in knowledge. I, along with countless others, learned so much about the Black backstroke champ, his political view on things, and the magic behind the man and his music. For years this great intellectual and music genius performed as a member of Miles Davis’ band. He also did the musical score for the TV Show, “New York Undercover.” And even Stephanie Mills said: “He gave me my career.” But what amazed me even more was his caring heart and his ability to see extraordinary beauty in ordinary people and things.

“Carl Gordon’s real-life daughter, Gloria, attended the Mtume Live event with me. Her father played the role of Charles Dutton’s father on the hit TV Show “Roc.” Mtume Live was well planned, and as a result it turned out to be a sweet sensation. And for that reason alone we thank You, Melody Fox, James Mtume, and everyone else for their contribution of time and money. We also enjoyed the little drummer boy [Kojo Roney] and his father’s [Antoine Roney] performances as well. The location was perfect! So, Let’s Do It Again! Let’s keep this Movement moving.” –Rebecca McFadden

“I love Mtume! His spirit is special! Things he said touched my heart!!! He helped put a lot of things in prospective. Thanks for having us there.” –Antoine Roney, saxophonist and father of Kojo Roney, inaugural performer

“Hi Ms. Fox. Thanks so much for curating this experience it was awesome! Working on the Liberator recap and will alert you as soon as it is up.” –Stephanie Joy Tisdale, Liberator Magazine Producer/Assistant

“Hey sis! I had a splendid time being in a room with so much knowledge. The old heads provided a robust experience that will always be remembered. The setting was intimate, authentic, and transparent. Brother Mtume’s heartfelt reflections and wisdom was inspirational and humbling. His musicianship and fight for justice and equal rights is riveting and awe inspiring. My take away are his phrases such as: “Synthetic definition of leadership,” “Schizophrenic relationship with religion and politics,” and “Appearance and Apparent. “…I wish we had more individuals like him; he’s one of my heroes. And you, my sister, are awesome in your awesomeness. You were articulate, humble, thoughtful, and passionate. Keep up the great work. I’m glad I had an opportunity to attend and will continue to do so as long as I’m given ample notice. I’m committed to the struggle. One love.” –deneZe

“You did a great job!” –Open Line Crew of WBLS (Co-hosts Bob Slade and Bob Picket; Executive Producer Fatiyn Muhammad)

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