Real Conversations with Melody Fox is a conversation series with multimedia (i.e. tv, video, audio, web, and print) counterparts. The series is designed to foster profound dialogue as well as capture legacy. Audiences get a chance to delve into various human-interest topics as well as get up close and personal with interesting subjects. What’s possible? Creation, education, inspiration, and transformation.

All things start with a conversation. There isn’t anything one can point to that doesn’t find its origin in conversation—on some level. Therefore, since conversation is critical for context, the commitment of Real Conversations with Melody Fox is to facilitate engaging dialogue that fosters enrichment and empowerment on a personal, professional, community, and/or global level.

Fixtures of Real Conversations with Melody Fox (live) include cutting-edge opening live entertainment/film presentations and a closing spotlight on an organization/initiative making a difference for humanity through the arts and/or social change. Real Conversations with Melody Fox (one-on-one interviews) will be made available (to the public) via download and social media sharing thanks to the generous contributions of its sponsors.

Going Beyond:

Real Conversations with Melody Fox recognizes that in an age where social media has become the mostly widely used form of communication, it’s important to maintain real-life interaction. There are exchanges elicited in human interaction that are exclusive to it. Social media can be a support, but it will never be a substitute for the intimacy created in Real Conversations. Through powerfully pairing real-time interaction with social media sharing, we bridge the best of these worlds.

*Select Real Conversations with Melody Fox feature Pop-up Museums with exclusive photos, artwork, writings, artifacts, memorabilia, etc.